The influence of family history past and present defines and extrudes John's design artistry. A life filled with culture, a great appreciation for the arts, and many creative endeavors have all lead John to jbd design.
In 2000, when the need came to redesign and renovate his own home, he was disappointed with the level of services and the quality of craftsmanship available.  It was through this experience, that John's endless "black book" of go to-professionals was formed; the perfect foundation for his Chicago-based residential client services business.
A student of life, John is a self-taught furniture designer; it is the detailed hand drawings that set him apart from contemporaries. Folders are filled with cataloged sketches that are referenced and edited to meet a client's vision of design. Each piece tells its own story.
jbd design, ltd. chicago, ill. ph::312.415.0395 email